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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm ready to purge 2013.  Sure, there were great times; we have so much to be thankful for.  But, to be honest overall you could say it sucked.  Sucked is relative, of course.  We end it happy and healthy, and for that I am incredibly thankful.  We hands down have the most amazing friends and family, and that was more evident then ever this year.

Courtney's brain surgery was hands down the worst thing I have ever been through.  I barely made it through.  My family, and dear, dear friends carried me through...basically pulling me to the other side.  I know it was the lack of control.  I feel I can control diabetes, even though that obviously isn't true all the time.  And, even though I put Jess to bed every night and there is some fear of what will happen, it isn't on the same level as watching Courtney fall asleep to anesthesia and then leaving her.  Leaving her to have her brain cut open and part of it removed, to have her lose a vertebrae forever.  Because of my profession, knowing every single horrific complication that can occur, and having nightmares about it for weeks before the surgery.  My poor dog Lilly put up with many 2 am visits where I held her and simply cried and purged my terrifying fear.  I still get tears now as I write thinking about how horrible those nights were.  Yet at the same time, I have never felt so supported.  And not just by my poor dog Lilly.  My girlfriends were amazing.  I am extremely selective with close friends.  I just don't have the need or patience for anything but the real thing.  They saved me.  Brownies, daily texts, phone calls during which I must have driven them insane telling them my fears over and over again.  They were there in the waiting room when I came out after leaving Courtney behind.  One flew in and out just for the surgery.  Being there is not easy.  It is not fun to be friends with someone who is facing something so terrible.  I know...I've been friends with someone through the worst.  But, yet they were there.  Both my and Sean's family were there.  We took the worst out on them.  And, yet they were just there.  Jess was there.  She dealt so gracefully with the shift of our attention.  Seeing her those brief times while I stayed with Courtney in the hospital were a saving grace.  She was my ray of sunshine.  Before we left, our work family sent us with so many things we never would have remembered.  I worked up to and including the day we left for the surgery.  I never would have remembered to pack food, drinks, books, games for Jess and Court.  Afterwards, we were bombarded with the giving spirit of so many.  Meals arrived.  Someone payed our Believe in Tomorrow bill.  Facebook messages during and after which meant so much.  I was simply humbly amazed by humanity.  People can say there is too much evil in the world, but there is also so much good.  I will never, ever forget all that people did for us this year.

And, then I was diagnosed with celiac.  After the diabetes and brain surgery I completely blew it off as "nothing."  I didn't mourn it, didn't process it.  I mean, after the hell we had lived through this was a cakewalk.  Except, it turned out it wasn't.  As a Landshark and Taco Bell loving girl this was a lot to adjust to.  It turned out it was way harder than I thought.  Back to reading every label, but looking for more than just the carbs.  Social get togethers became stressful.  Guilt---this was yet one more thing for our friends to have to deal with.  Aren't we fun to have over?  Two Type 1's and a celiac.  Oh joy!  And, unlike the brain surgery this has no end.  I will never again taste the delicious rolls at one of my favorite restaurants, a great beer, or some of my favorite desserts.

And, so I am purging this year.

I spent the past couple of days that I had off work gutting my closet, my bathroom drawers, painting my bathroom.  Bags of trash out.  Bags of clothes for goodwill.  It wasn't until today that I realized what I was doing.  Purging the old.  I'm ready to start new.  I'm ready to get healthy again.  The stress of the brain surgery and the disruption of life while Courtney recovered derailed my 6 mile runs.  Being diagnosed with celiac and then trying every gluten free version of cookies, crackers, candy put on pounds.  I'm ready to purge them too.

So, goodbye 2013.  I am so thankful to end it with both my daughters healthy.  I am so thankful to end it with life filled with amazing friends and family.  I am so thankful to end it having seen so much good in the world.

Tonight I am lucky enough to celebrate and bring in 2014 with friends who have stuck with us since before Jess was diagnosed.  We will purge 2013 together.

Tomorrow is for new beginnings.  And, a beautifully painted bathroom.

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