I'm the mom of a beautiful Type 1 daughter and married to a wonderful husband who also has Type 1! This blog serves as a place for my thoughts and feelings, in the hopes that it will help other families struggling with the many challenges diabetes presents. I can't always promise it is uplifting...but, it is honest.

And, of course, it is by no means meant to offer medical advice.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This is my new favorite picture of Jessica.  It was taken at this year's Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference.  To me it symbolizes the entire conference.  Before we left home for the conference, Jessica was ripping sites out of her arms as she was embarrassed, and hiding her pump.  Before, she felt insecure and alone.  She blossomed at the conference.  She was surrounded by people who "get it," and at the conference she was in the majority.  It changed her.  Just like in the picture, she is still proudly sporting the dexcom in one arm and her pump site in the other.  And, I am filled with hope that she will enter middle school feeling supported and confident.

My husband has hope.  He will have lived with Type 1 for 25 years this May.  And, he has lived well.  He has been a shining example of not letting diabetes stop you.  But he had not had hope.  I remember frantically searching research studies when Jess was first diagnosed.  I was desperate for the hope of a cure, or something that would make this terrifying disease easier.  My husband did not share my enthusiasm.  He told me at that time that he had learned long ago not to get his hopes up.  But, that has changed.  For the first time since I have known him, he is filled with hope and excitement.  And, Ed Damiano is the reason.  His work on the bionic pancreas is the most promising thing we have seen.  It gives my entire family hope that easier days are coming.

It feels good to have so much hope.  We returned from the conference rejuvenated and filled with new ideas and energy.

It is amazing to have an organization such as Children With Diabetes.  So many patients are alone and scared, without any support to be found.  It is easy to understand why they may lose hope, feel defeated, and appear to be "non-compliant."  Thank you, CWD.  Thank you for support, friendship, education, and HOPE.