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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pictures Say It All

This has not been a good week.  Understatement of the year.  Here's the kicker about diabetes.  Just when you think you've got it down---an awesome HgbA1c, knowing the in's and out's of I:C ratios, basal rates, a pro at carb counting...out of nowhere diabetes sneaks up on you and beats you down.  Apparently this time in the form of a pre-adolescent girl entering a major growth spurt.  Her little body is spitting out all kinds of hormones making her insulin needs shoot way up.  And, I mean WAY up.  Despite bolusing her every two hours throughout the night and raising her basal rates faster than I ever have, I have been unable to beat these highs.  Strangely, only at night.  Her daytime numbers have been pristine.  But, these hours are likely when she is spitting out the most growth hormone.  I am exhausted, frustrated, and to be honest a bit scared.  But, tonight I entered the night hopeful.  I received some much needed advice from another T1 mom who has a child that has already been through this.  She recommended a temp basal of +20-30%.  Armed with new tools, I went to bed hopeful.  An hour later I woke to check Jess and was greeted by the lovely 373 (and slant arrow up on the Dex to add insult to injury.)  Sure enough, ketones.  And, the pulled site revealed the dreaded kink.  I wonder if I am the only parent who feels massive amounts of guilt when it is the site that I have placed that kinks.  So, now I will wait for the ketones to clear and her numbers to come down and see what the night will hold.  Just like any mom, I will watch over my sweet girl.  And, I will take comfort in one of my favorite quotes: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain."  No matter what kind of blood sugars this night brings, tomorrow is another day, and another chance to dance in the rain.
Blood sugars in the steady 200-300's despite waking every 2 hours to check and bolus, and adjust basal rates.
An exhausted Jessica even though she was able to sleep through most of the checks.  Constant highs don't feel good.  Note the "I Can Do It" bracelet.
Tonight, a kinked site.  Site changes at 10 pm- no fun for Jess, or for mom who needs to stay up to make sure the ketones clear.
Nope- that site is not supposed to be shaped like an upside down "U."   And, despite the fact that I know these things happen, the mommy guilt is there as I am the one that put in this sit tonight.

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  1. YIKES! That is quite the kink! These pre-adolecent girls are tough arent they!? My daughter Maddison is 12, and tomorrow is the 6th yr anniversary of her dx so we have been through many years of this nightime craziness as well :( Sometimes it takes me weeks to get the basals adjusted right! Funny how as soon as she falls asleep the numbers climb...so if she goes to bed too late or too early it makes the basal settings off. -Sigh-